Teaching Staff

Mathematics/Numeracy,Computing/Business Administration/Craft and Design/ICT, Home Economics
Mrs K Millar Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
Mr J Gillan Mathematics
Mr J Scott Mathematics
Mr A Campbell Business Education
Mrs J Carruth Home Economics
Mrs N Reynolds Home Economics
Ms I Porteous Home Economics
Mr C Drummond Technical
Mr K Pagan Technical
Mr L McGeechan ICT

English, Whole School Literacy, Modern Languages, Drama
Ms N Davies Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
Mrs J Taylor English
Mrs J Houston English
Mrs Gibson English
Ms P Taylor English
Mrs S Dames Drama
Mrs J Muir French

Art, Physical Education, Music, Whole School Health Promotion
Mr M Derby Art-Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
Mr D Warner Art
Mrs L Hart Music
Mr P Cook Physical Education
Miss E Gibson Physical Education
Mr J Hannay Physical Education
Miss C McQuade Physical Education

Geography, History, Modern Studies, PECS, Sciences and Whole School Citizenship
Mr A Stores History, History, Politics-Principal Teacher (Curriculum)
Mrs J Galloway Geography
Mr R Simpson PECS
Miss K Syme Modern studies
Mrs F McColl Biology
Mr T Newall Chemistry
Ms R Williams Physics
Mr M Wilson Physics

Learning Support / Barriers to Learning
Mrs K Templeton Acting Principal Teacher of Learning Support
Mrs Ferla Teacher of Learning Support
Mr Mahon Teacher of Learning Support