Academic Mentoring

As a pupil at Maxwelltown High School, your child will be involved in Academic Mentoring. He/she will be allocated a member of staff who will mentor him/her during their time at secondary school.

Academic Mentoring involves all pupils and all teaching staff. He was introduced in order to:

  • Give all pupils the opportunity to get to know one member of staff well
  • Monitor academic progress
  • Set targets and motivate pupils to meet targets
  • Give all pupils the opportunity to offer their opinion about secondary school experience
  • Identify career aspirations
  • Identify interests and achievements outwith school
  • Identify personal issues to be followed up by Pupil Support

Academic mentoring takes place throughout the year with the mentor meeting with the mentee once every school term. During the meeting discussions will take place about behaviour, academic progress, career aspirations and wider achievements outwith school. At the end of the meeting the mentor and mentee will agree development
targets which if met will lead to further progress and improvement. A written report is produced following the meeting which is emailed to the Pupil Support Teacher and copied to pupil and/or parent. Any personal and sensitive issue raised during the meeting will be highlighted for the Pupil Support Teacher to action where appropriate.

If you wish any further information regarding Academic Mentoring please contact Ms Smith or your child’s Pupil Support Teacher.