We expect each pupil to bring a pencil and rubber each day in addition to any jotters, text books, folders or equipment required for a day’s work. All pupils will be provided with a Homework Diary which they should have with them at all times for use when required. To protect your children’s belongings and the school’s property, please provide a school bag.

Autumn, winter and spring ~ inclement weather guaranteed!

Pupils usually need a proper jacket or coat. The following are not acceptable as substitutes for coats and jackets:

  • Brightly coloured, logoed fleeces
  • Hooded tops of any sort
  • Denim jackets
  • Patterned sweaters
  • Designer zip tops

Sports Style Eye Protection and Old Socks

We have been introducing a new scheme for all young people studying science. Students are able to purchase their own safety glasses for £2 a pair. The glasses are kept in school in a soft pencil case or old sock; clean of course!

The advantages are:

  • No risk of cross infection
  • Less likelihood of scratched and dirty lenses

The safety spectacles feature:

  • Wrap around sports style protection
  • Sideshields
  • Adjustable arms
  • Scratch-resistant lenses