Our policy on discipline is one which encourages and instils the need for self-discipline in everyone who is part of the school society. When such self-discipline breaks down, measures are taken to restore or maintain the desired conditions.

If attempts to discuss and to reason fail to bring an end to indiscipline, sanctions which may be applied include punishment exercises, interval detentions, formal discipline interviews involving members of the Senior Management Team, extraction from normal classes and the most serious sanction, exclusion from the school, which will be used
as appropriate.

An appeals procedure has been set up for parents who disagree with the decision to exclude. Parents and carers are given details about if they become involved in exclusion. It should be noted that very few pupils ever have to be excluded.

We involve parents as much as possible and give them early warning of on-going or increasing problems, in the knowledge that early intervention can avoid crisis situations. The part parents and carers play here can be vital and we ask you to co-operate readily with us if called upon to do so.

We are equally keen to recognise and encourage positive attitudes and behaviour. Staff regularly identify pupils who demonstrate Consistent Good Performance, Exceptional Performance or Improved Behaviour. The pupils collect reward points and receive certificates in recognition of their achievements

With the cooperation of our pupils we can achieve the attitudes and good behaviour that allow the school population to work together in harmony.