School Uniform


  • Conventional black trousers
  • Plain black (unfaded) denim jeans
  • Plain black skirts
  • Black leggings under a skirt

What NOT to wear:

  • Faded black jeans
  • Blue denim of any shade
  • Leggings on their own


  • Plain white school shirt
  • Plain white polo shirt with or without the school logo
  • Plain black v-neck jumper with or without the school logo
  • Plain black round neck sweatshirt with or without the school logo
  • Plain black cardigan

What NOT to wear:

  • Fleeces
  • Sweatshirts or pullovers with stripes, patterns, maker’s insignias or logos
  • Pullovers, cardigans or sweatshirts of other colours


  • Outdoor jacket
  • Black hooded top

School uniform can be purchased from Tesco who will make donations towards school funds, please follow the link below

School Uniform from Tesco

Ties: School ties are part of the Maxwelltown High School uniform and are to be worn every day.
Footwear: Please encourage your child to wear dark coloured shoes or trainers to school

Clothing for PE has to be suitable for physical activities and therefore we have the following dress requirements for PE.

All pupils must wear:

  • A plain white top (t-shirt or polo shirt)
  • Plain black or plain navy blue shorts or
  • Plain black or plain navy blue jogging bottoms
  • Different footwear to that being worn to other classes
  • Conventional shirts and polo shirts must be plain white or plain pale blue, with or without the school emblem

What not to wear:

  • Football or similar shirts
  • Sports tops
  • Stripped or patterned tops
  • Other colour tops such as pink or black

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, pullovers and ties are all available to buy or order from the School Office.

Secure Storage

  • Secure storage is usually provided in PE for small sums of cash, watches and jewellery.
  • Secure storage is not available for mobile telephones, iPods, MP3 players, other valuable items and large sums of cash.

Health and Safety

  • For health and safety reasons aerosol deodorants, anti-perspirants, hairsprays etc. are not to be brought to school. Any of these items confiscated from pupils will be disposed of.