Induction to Maxwelltown High School

The teachers of Maxwelltown High School have always taken a great interest in their pupils (past, present and those who have still to join us). In order to allow us to make the transition from Primary to Secondary as comfortable as possible, we have taken steps to help your child become familiar with our school.

As part of primary school education, your son or daughter may have had the opportunity to attend Maxwelltown High for one or more activities on offer to primary pupils. Teachers from Maxwelltown High will visit your child’s primary school to talk to his/her teacher. This allows first hand knowledge of your child’s abilities and progress in primary school.

In November, Maxwelltown High School staff have P7 Information Evening when parents and carers and their children can visit the school, gather information and meet staff.

In late June, primary pupils come to Maxwelltown High School for team-building activities and towards the end of June they attend classes for three days. This gives pupils the chance to meet members of staff and their new school friends.

Through these efforts, we aim to make the transition from Primary to Secondary as easy as possible for your child. If you were unable to attend the Open Evening you are very welcome to contact the school and request a daytime visit with your son or daughter.