New Lanark Trip

In March 2018 the S3 year group visited the New Lanark world heritage centre as part of an investigation on Robert Owen’s ideas and the importance of New Lanark today. The trip was very successful and learners enjoyed their day out. It is very important to the social studies department that learners get the opportunity to experience learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Learners had the opportunity to take part in a guided tour by an expert on New Lanark which gave them a chance to practice their note taking as well as their listening and talking skills. They also got the chance to see the factory machines working as well as ride on the Annie McLeod experience. They also watched a film on Robert Owen and his ideas and visited a 19th century classroom. The highlight for many learners was the nature walk where they could see the power of the waterfalls which were responsible for this particular site being chosen as a suitable site for cotton mills, and of course the old fashioned sweet shop. Other notable events included some great travel games such as the quest for spotting the famous field of ginger sheep whose wool are used to make the ‘See You Jimmy Hats’. Unfortunately, there was not a winner this time but there is always hope for next year. Several of our youngsters were so enthralled by the experience that they settled down to a nap on the bus ride home. This was remarkable due to the ‘tunes’ that were emerging from Jack, Andrew and Codey, which were, to say the least, very questionable in their quality. Learners now have to use the information they have gathered to analyse the impact Owen has had as well as the importance of New Lanark to the people living their today.

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