Maxwelltown High School Awards Ceremony 2017

Congratulations to all the Award winners at the fantastic Awards Ceremony on Thursday 22nd June. It was a wonderful evening, celebrating the hard work and dedication of our pupils. At the start of the evening, each pupil was recognised for their academic achievements. Ross Hawkins gave a brave and very moving speech about School of Rugby and how it has helped and supported him through S1. Both the school band and the guitar group gave fabulous performances of pieces they played on their music tour of Lake Garda, Italy. There then followed a number of special awards:

S1 to S3 Sports Champions:

  • S1 Boys’ sport champion  Ross Hawkins
  • S1 Girls’ sport champion  Macey Jackson
  • S2 Boys’ sport champion  Ewan Hawkins
  • S2 Girls’ sport champion  Kayleigh Smith
  • S3 Boys’ sport champion  Ryan Steele
  • S3 Girls’ sport champion  Jessica Fleming
  • Mike Henderson Award: Rhys Halliday (awarded to a pupil who has demonstrated great determination, commitment and talent in their chosen field)
  • Ferguson Quaich: Mackenzie Mackay (for a young person who has developed confidence, who is engaged and committed to sport, and who supports others to develop in their chosen sport)
  • National PE Award: Rhys Patterson  (This is awarded to a pupil who has demonstrated great determination, commitment and a high level of performance during the National PE course)
  • John McQueen Quaich and Football Trophy (the Under 16s small school cup which the team were awarded when they beat the team from Moffat 3 – 2 in the final at the Queen’s Arena, and the John McQueen Quaich –  an award for contribution to schools football. It has been awarded to Maxwelltown High School for our commitment to football from both players and coaches, who have at all times set a good example of sportsmanship)
  • Colin Nielson Shield : Demi Archibald (for outstanding practical work produced during the N5 Practical Woodworking course)
  • Beth Anderson Cook Geography Award: Kieran Williamson  (for dedication and resilience in the pursuit of achievement in Geography)
  • Physics Award: Bayley McKinnon and William Niven (for excellence and achievement in Physics)
  • Maths Awards : Erin Lindsay and Abbie Johnston (Junior Maths Medal  and Senior Maths Medal for excellence in mathematics)
  • HE Award: Coutney Pool (for commitment, participation and excellence in HE)
  • Rotary Citizenship: Connor Jamieson (for significant contribution to the life and work of Maxwelltown High School and the wider school community)
  • HT Award : Abbie Johnstone (for a pupil nominated by staff who is a fantastic role model and who significantly contributes to the life and work of the school)

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