Cycle Run

My name is Adam Roan and I was part of the cycle to Caerlaverock Castle. At the start of the day we went to Mr Wilson’s room to put our sun cream on, get our water and helmets ready before we went outside to get the bikes.
I liked the bikes and they worked well once they were adjusted to our heights. We set off we went along to the cycle path and when we were coming down to the cycle path Owen took a tight turn and fell off the bike he was okay, he just needed his chain put back on.
Mr Gray let us cycle along the cycle path as fast as we wanted we just needed to watch out for people walking and to make sure we didn’t miss the stop. We went through the town along the Sands and across the other side of the water, we went on this road and Mr Gray said I am allowed to go on my own I just needed to stop off at the next bus stop that was 3 miles away it felt like it was forever when I was cycling but the view was so nice when we were cycle along. I loved cycling fast but it got lonely not talking to anyone so I stayed with everyone after that. When we got to the castle we stopped and had lunch I wasn’t really hungry but still wanted to eat my rolls, we then sat there for a while enjoying the sun. Before leaving Callum and I went a walk to this old house it wasn’t interesting but it was something to do. We set off after posing for a few photos, our next stop was Glencaple where Mr Wilson got us all a ice cream or ice lolly then it was off to the Dock Park where we stopped once again and I got a ice lolly a packet of crisps and a drink we then headed back to the school when we got back we were all tired and happy that we got the chance to do the cycle trip.
After all that cycling my friends made me come out for a game of football and after that I was done, I couldn’t do anymore but it was a really great time I loved the cycling I would defiantly do that again.

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