S2 Option Choice Important Information

Please read the following points carefully before completing your option choice form.

Please choose TEN options to take forward into S3, from subjects in Science, Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Languages and Technologies and also some Wider Achievement Options.

S3 option choices will help you prepare for any subjects you plan on choosing in S4, perhaps even into S5/6 and should be linked to your career plans for the future.The work in S3 will be at third and fourth level CfE experiences and outcomes.

Expressive Arts/Science/Technologies:
Please choose TWO options here.
Choose the two that you enjoy, perform well in and that you think you may want to take in S4 and beyond. Please rank these in order from 1 – 4.

Social Studies:
Please choose TWO options here. You should choose a ‘major’ and a ‘minor’, meaning that you will spend the majority of S3 working on your major subject.

Added Value (subject):
Please choose ONE option here. This must be different to your other choices.
If you wish to take all three Sciences, you must choose Chemistry and Physics from Sciences, then Biology in Added Value.
Please rank these in order from 1 – 4.

Added Value (Wider Achievement Options):
Please choose THREE options that you think are best suited to you.
Please rank these in order from 1 – 6.

NB: These options are dependent on student numbers and where every effort will be taken to ensure students get their preferred choices, this may not always be possible.

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