Easterbrook hall trip report!

On Wednesday the 8th of March 2017 the Travel & Tourism class went on a trip to Easterbrook Hall. On the way to Easterbrook Mrs Galloway talked through the plans for the day and told us what our expectations should be. When we went into Easterbrook we took a class photo which Mrs Dalrymple decided to photobomb as seen in some of the photos below. Then we were greeted by Fiona Rands who was the head of Easterbrook. The first room we went into was the main hall where Fiona spoke to us about what events take place in the main hall such as the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. We then we went through to the next hall where Fiona told us about weddings and other events that she had organised. We were allowed to ask her questions so we took the chance and we asked her some questions such as what qualifications do you need to become an events manager and what their salary was which was asked by Levi which made everyone laugh. Then we went onto the stage where we met Graham who is Easterbrook’s tech guy, he showed us around the back of the stage and then he talked about how he got into his job and how he didn’t have many qualification’s but he still made it by asking if he could help around Easterbrook Hall which led him to getting an apprenticeship. After that we all went through to the kitchen were we met Jonathan who was the head chef, who showed us how his kitchen works and everything about it. After that we were set a challenge to set tables where the boys were against the girls and both teams got marked on their skills. Both teams did very well and then we all had a small break where we had biscuits and juice and then we went on the stage to see what it was like from the performer’s perspective. After our break we got to go through to Neuro’s and meet the chefs and waiting staff. We had an excellent trip and had fun learning as a class!

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